The confrontation of oppressive social, sexual, and psychological subjection. The rejection of injustice and destruction of symbolic power.

Resistance is the byproduct of injustice.  The devil himself is the invention of god, the witch an invention of the church, the enemy, an invention of the state.  In truth, there is no good and evil.  There is only what is human.  The characterization of the outsider is a device of control.  After all, it's much easier to rally a mob of reckless disciples to enforce the dictates of power if the enemy is monstrous.  Yet, it is only a matter of time before the witch yields her own black magic against her persecutors.  The outsider becomes a weapon, an epidemic of independence rather than a disease.  Ask yourself, dear reader, who you represent.  What reward is granted to the servants of a tyrant?  The promise of a world of ghosts, lifeless and indebted everlasting?  There is no greater crime than to deny this world in favor of the next (the greatest hoax), for our bodies age each passing second.  
To disobey is to be free.